Brandon R. Scarborough

is a lifelong native of Akron, Ohio. His musical roots were embedded in him even before he arrived on the earth. His father, a jazz/church musician, would play their white baby grand piano to his pregnant wife for hours at a time. He knew that his son would be special. By the time Brandon was a year old, he would stand on the church pews on Sundays during church service mimicking the drummers every movement. At 18 months old, he began to study with renowned jazz drummer Bill Roth and remained his student for 12 years. At 8 years old, he would become the drummer at the church his father pastored in Alliance, Ohio. But by the age of 12, Brandon's interests changed and he moved to the piano and organ. While the drums even today remain his first love, Brandon studied with late jazz pianist Pat Pace and by the age of 14 was the full time organist at his church.


While thankful for the many musical opportunities he has had, he also realized the importance of continuing education. In 2002, he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Media Communication from Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio and in 2007, earned his Master's degree from the University of Phoenix in education with a concentration in instruction and curriculum. He is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in education to be completed in 2016. Brandon has completed his coursework and has begun his dissertation working towards his doctoral degree in education. He also serves as an adjunct instructor in the music department at the College of Wooster.

The Music

Over the years, Brandon has had the opportunity to display his musical gifts to large numbers of congregations and concert audiences, sharing the stage with some of the world's best talent such as Shirley Caesar, Regina Belle, Tonex, Rev. Jesse Jackson, The Nevels Sisters, Dr. Bobby Jones, John P. Kee, and The Winans. Through his musical gifts and his educational accomplishments, Brandon is able to share his knowledge and talents with many. Brandon had the opportunity to serve as the director of music at the Christ Centered church for 7 years. He now serves as the organist at the Mount Calvary baptist church in Akron, Ohio, and as an adjunct instructor at the College of Wooster. He is also the proud owner of G Clef Music. Brandon released his first solo CD in May of 2009 entitled "Hymns: A Lost Art" and is currently working on volume 2. Additionally Brandon executive produced and released "The Emmanuel Experience", featuring the entire student body of the Emmanuel Christian Academy in Akron, Ohio.


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